About Købmandsgaarden

Feel the whisper of history. Charming and peaceful accommodation in the midst of Andresen’s Købmandsgaard in Kerteminde.

Købmandsgaarden consists of buildings dating all the way back to the 17th century. Merchant Emil Andreasen took over the business in 1887, giving his name to the house and the address.

The entire building complex was renovated in 2001 and today, from the outside, it appears as a peaceful time capsule in the heart of the city.

Købmandsgaarden is located in the middle of town – next to Langegade, which is the main street in Kerteminde. Restaurants and shops are just around the corner. Langebro is right outside the gate, where the water flows past into Nordet. It is also here that the statue of Amanda from Kerteminde is placed, gazing out over the water.

Our part of Købmandsgaarden is called the “Mellemmagasinet.” Originally, the building was used as a grain store, bachelor quarters, and egg packaging facility.

Købmandsgaarden in 2024

Købmandsgaarden in 1920


On the first floor of Købmandsgaarden you’ll find four sunny, spacious, and cozy double rooms and a large shared living room.

In the shared living room, there’s a kitchen where you can prepare a light meal, a dining table with seating for 6-8 people, two small dining tables, and a sofa arrangement with a TV.

Common to the 4 rooms are 2 toilets with showers. In one bathroom, there’s a washing machine that you are welcome to use.

The entire floor features solid plank floors and large visible beam structures. Especially the massive beams harken back to the history of timber framing and are part of what makes Købmandsgaarden in Kerteminde truly special.


Parkering and arrival


Købmandsgaarden has 2 parking spaces designated, numbered 9 and 10. To access them, drive into the passage next to Nordfyns Bank from Langegade 7.

All other parking spaces are reserved for the other residents of the Merchant Yard and should not be used. If our designated spaces – numbers 9 and 10 – are occupied by other guests, we kindly advise you to use public parking available around Kerteminde town. Please stay informed about parking regulations through signage. Parking is free in the streets around Langegade. On Langegade itself, parking is free after 6 PM on weekdays and after 2 PM on weekends.


Please note that all rooms are located on the first floor and are accessed via stairs.

Rooms are available from 3 PM and check out is at 10 AM, unless otherwise is agreed upon.

Each room has a separate lock and key. Access to the Købmandsgaarden is via a smart lock with a code. Before arrival, you will receive a code to enter on the handle of the main door.

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Great dining in Kerteminde

In our lounge area in Købmandsgaarden, you can purchase coffee capsules for a delicious cup of coffee, mix your own drinks, soft drinks, beer, and specialties from Kerteminde and the surrounding area. There’s a polite self-service here, with payment via MobilePay or cash. There’s also a small kitchen with a refrigerator so you can prepare what you desire.


If you want your breakfast delivered to Købmandsgaarden, choose “Breakfast for 2 people” when booking your room. Breakfast is delivered to the lounge area in Købmandsgaarden around 8 am. You’ll find your bakery bag with the room name on the dining table.

Please note: Breakfast is not delivered on Mondays.

Breakfast must be purchased at least 24 hours before arrival. Otherwise, the order cannot be delivered and will not be refunded.

Breakfast is provided by Clausens Konditori and consists of 2 sandwiches, 2 danishes, and 2 servings of cheese and jam.

Coffee, tea, and apple juice from Nybro can be purchased at Købmandsgaarden.

If you prefer to choose your own breakfast, we recommend shopping at one of the town’s fantastic bakeries. Both Clausens Konditori and Langegades Bageri are located on Langegade, just steps from Købmandsgaarden.

Clausens Konditori: At Clausen’s, you’ll find a huge selection of delicious bread and pastries. We love the regular assortment as well as all the seasonal specials. Both bakeries gives out a cookie to the little ones on their way out the door.

Langegades Bageri: If you’re into a roll with soft, delicious seeds, we simply have to recommend a “Frederikshavner” from Langegades Bageri – but come early, or they’ll be sold out.

Brunch: At Lulu’s Café & Boutique, you can enjoy a delicious brunch every day between 10 am and 2 pm.

Brunch: The biggest brunch can be found at Brasserie Langegade 2 and at Tornøes Hotel.


Kerteminde is a great place to visit if someone in the family suffers from gluten allergies. Langegade Bageri has a large freezer with various gluten-free breads and pastries. Additionally, Superbrugsen Kerteminde has several shelves of gluten-free products. This way, you can prepare gluten-free meals at Købmandsgaarden and don’t need to bring everything from home.

Dining out

In the evening, there’s lots of dining options and restaurants to choose from if you don’t feel like cooking yourself.

There’s something for every budget – whether you’re into tapas, pizza, steak, grilled dishes, Italian, sushi, café & brasserie, Thai or gourmet cuisine.

Most places also offer takeaway.

Rudolf Mathis: https://www.rudolf-mathis.dk/

Phi Phi – Asiatisk spisehus: https://www.phiphi-kerteminde.dk/

Café & Brasserie – LangeGade NR 2: https://www.langegade2.dk/

Ristorante Firenze: https://www.rist-firenze.dk/

King’s Sushi: https://kings-kerteminde.dk/

City Pizza & Grill: https://citypizza5300.dk/

Taurus Steak House: https://www.taurussteakhouse.dk/

Carlo Restaurant: https://carlorestaurant.dk/

Zilans Pizza: http://zilanspizza.dk/

Runi’s Kok: https://runis-kok.business.site/