Experiencing Kerteminde

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For example, a guided tour with Kerteminde’s Night Watchman is worth experiencing. Over the course of a couple of hours, you’ll hear all the stories of the town, both official and more cunning, as you walk through the city center.

Throughout the year, the town of Kerteminde hosts many recurring events. From the Cherry Festival, Christmas tree lighting, Art Week, huge flea markets, to golf, soccer, and sailing tournaments. The esteemed golf resort Great Northern is located 2 km from Købmandsgaarden at

We look forward to welcoming you to Købmandsgaarden Kerteminde.

The Johannes Larsen Museum

Renowned art museum within walking distance from Købmandsgaarden. Here, you can admire Johannes Larsen’s own works, as well as frequently changing guest exhibitions. Johannes Larsen lived on the hill by Nordstranden, and access to the family’s residence and studio is available there.

Around the museum, there is a lovely garden and a newly renovated cafe. If you’re fond of large, homemade open-faced sandwiches, the cafe is definitely worth a visit.


Fjord and Belt

“Fjord and Belt” is a combined tourist attraction and research center. Here, you can learn about fish and marine life around Kerteminde.

You can get up close to porpoises and seals, and there’s the opportunity to touch crabs, starfish, and other living sea creatures.


Ladby Viking Ship Museum

In Ladby, 5 km from Kerteminde, you’ll find the Ladby Viking Ship Museum. Here, you can experience the Ladby Ship, which is Denmark’s largest preserved Viking ship.

Over the years, volunteers have also constructed a fully seaworthy reconstruction of a Viking ship. Several times a year, the Ladby Dragon sails on voyages in the waters around Kerteminde. You might even be lucky enough to be invited on board as ballast when the Ladby Ship needs to be weighed down enough to pass under Langebro.



Hindsholm is a peninsula with beautiful nature and birdlife. There are excellent cycling routes from Kerteminde – including a paved former railway track that takes you almost all the way to Fyns Hoved by bike.

You can also drive through the small villages with thatched-roof farms, and in Måle, you can stop at the little smokehouse

In Mesinge, you’ll find Kirkeladen, a restaurant housed in a historic building.

By car, you can drive all the way out to Fyns Hoved and take a walk around the headland, a lovely walk of about 45 minutes. You’ll love it.

The Hills of Munkebo

Up on the hill in Munkebo, you’ll find the best viewpoint in the area. There is a fantastic little tower that you can climb up into. From here, you have a delightful view and you’ll be amazed by how much water surrounds you in all directions: Odense Fjord, Kerteminde Fjord, the Great Belt, and more. You’re also quite close to the Odense Industrial Park, where there’s just as much activity today as when it was a shipyard.

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